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Authentic Prada Bags

How to Spot a Fake Prada Handbag

With the number of convincing counterfeits on the rise, knowing how to tell authentic Prada bags from the fake ones is becoming an increasingly necessary skill for the prospective buyer. This is because, while replica bags todaylook more like the real thing than ever, the quality of these imitations still falls far short of that offered by authentic Prada bags, whose superior materials and craftsmanship enable them to hold up for years under even the heaviest usage.

1 Authentic-Prada-Black-Saffiano-Leather-Pyramid-Frame-Bag--683x1024 While many counterfeit bags will successfully reproduce many of the identifying characteristics of authentic Prada bags, the absence of any of the following features is a sure sign that a given bag is fake:

• A white numerical tag inside the interior pocket2 Authentic-Prada-Bags-Authentication-Code-682x1024


• Neat, symmetrical stitching along all seams, with uniform (small) spacing between stitches.


3 Authentic-Prada-Bags-Authentic-Stitching2-682x1024

• All hardware on authentic Prada bags will say “Prada” on it (zippers, buckles, locks, metal feet, etc.—none of these will be blank); Prada only uses zippers from the following brands: Lampos, YKK, Riri, Opti, Ipi (these names will be embossed on the back side of the zipper).

4 Authentic-Prada-Bags-Authentic-Stitching-682x1024


• Most Prada bags have nylon linings with ‘Prada” embroidered throughout; if the bag has a plain nylon lining, the color of this lining should match the exterior of the bag.

• On authentic Prada bags, the “R” of the Prada logo has a small notch taken out of its right leg; this is a key detail that many counterfeiters fail to reproduce correctly.

• Older authentic Prada bags have a metal plaque inside (usually on the exterior of an inner pocket) that says “Prada Milano made in Italy” on 3 lines, while newer bags read “Prada made in Italy” on two lines; some newer bags may have a leather patch instead of a metal plaque: this leather patch will have 4 filled out rivets (one at each corner). Prada bags with plastic or fabric tags are fake. (Note*: for the past couple of years, Prada has also begun to manufacture some of their bags in China; authentic Prada bags made in China will have a black “made in China” sticker directly behind the white numerical tag mentioned above; any other placement of such a tag means the bag is counterfeit).

5 Authentic-Prada-Bags-Interior-Prada-682x1024


• Finally, Prada bags also have an exterior logo plaque made of a combination of metal and enamel: the enamel should match or almost match the color of the bag’s exterior, and the “R” in Prada will have a curved rather than a straight leg

6  Authentic-Prada-Bags-Exterior-Prada-Logo-1024x755


If a Prada bag meets all of the (applicable) requirements above, then what you are looking at is the real deal. If not, then it is most likely a replica.



7 Authentic-Prada-Bags-682x1024250px-Prada_Logo.svg_